A new art movement steps onto the world stage - The poetry of the Occupy Everything movement


"Poets of world unite, you're the ones who set the words to right."
Poetry @Occupy Wall Street

Poetry@OccupyWallStreet is a Facebook page for poets to collaborate, organize readings, and post poems to be read @OccupyWallStreet. We are also on-site at Liberty Plaza on the northeast corner of the park adjacent to the People's Library. You can add poems to our living Poetry Anthology by sending your work to OccupyPoetry@gmail.com. We hold Poetry Assembly--a reading at which readers are chosen...

We are the 99%

Photographs of heartfelt prose explaining why 'We are the 99%'.
This site is a living work of art on the contemporary human condition.

Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology

Occupy Wall Street Library has created an Occupy Poetry Anthology - This is no astroturf this is the real deal: a grass roots poetry division of the occupy movement.

Misery is Real

Tube poem by Matt Panfil whose art encompasses the 99% Art movement.

Occupy Indy Tube poem by Matt Panfil. Clever imaginative verse discloses a poets eye on social damage caused by the greed and excess power of the 1%.
Willie Nelson poem

Tube poem by the singer Willie Nelson and his wife.
"We're the 99, we stand with humanity against the insanity..."

Egyptian freedom poem Famous Egyptian Freedom poem fresh from the 99% streets of Cairo to the streets of NY, recited by Stephan Said
Livin' in the Land Where the Whip Still Cracks

Occupy Denver 11-3-11: Poetry by Noah Gauthier

Occupy Wall Street Sign-Poetry

Poetry found by a camera lens at Occupy Wall Street Protest

About the 99%

Insightful words of defiance and hope delivered from the back of a truck by Jack Hirschman San Francisco Poet laureate.

Tony Baloney

New lyrics set to a great Roy Orbison song about Tony Baloney a mean sheriff on Wall Street city. Poetry Portal Org disassociates itself from the harassment of any citizen. This link is present because it is a classic example of how Occupy art is used to construct unacceptable behaviour patterns through use of lyric poetry and the internet.

Mark Mcgowan Artist Taxi Driver 2

Occupy Protesters What Do They Want? Powerful ironic performance poem delivered live from a London cab.

Mark Mcgowan Artist Taxi Driver

Performance piece about the global Occupy protests by an irate London taxi driver.

Sir Toby Trumpton Smythe The excellent poet laureate of Tofftown, Sir Toby Trumpton-Smythe offers the jolly people of Ireland his expert and simply marvelous advice on how to recover from a banker instigated economic collapse and how to prevent re-occurrence.
Costas on Tony Blair 99% Quality performance poetry from Costas, poet laureate of Metaxa 3***


March On

Occupy Wall Street tribute poem "March On" - A tribute to the Occupy Together Movement

Wall Street Poem . Com

Site of the Wall Street Poet Michael Silverstein. A senior editor with Bloomberg Financial News and its ‘Markets’ magazine.

Occupy Everywhere

OQPI EVERYWHERE is a kind of virtual collective for artists and social activists, a place to compile, share, and brainstorm about collaborative actions. we are based on the notion of SOCIAL SCULPTURE put forth by Joseph Beuys

The Occupy Poetry Project

The Occupy Poetry Project is a forum for poets and writers who stand in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street / Occupy the Fed movements. Please share your voice. All levels of writing, all types of poems and styles--including visual, are welcome.

Social Sculpture

SOCIAL SCULPTURE put forth by joseph beuys - the idea that anyone, anywhere can assist in the positive transformation of society thru engaged creative participation.

Poetry Assembly @ Occupy Wall Street.

Street poetry at Occupy Wall Street. Live recordings

Mr Auctioneer

Occupy poem written by a school teacher and delivered as performance art when New York citizens block the auctioning off of their possessions

Occupy USA

Song born on the protest lines in the USA. One of the first to be created from poetry about the occupy movement.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

A classic protest poem from Gil Scot Heron. Ahead of its time intelligent verse for those who wonder why one of the most historic protests of all time is not getting much air time in many countries whose media is under corporate control..

Message to the Messengers

Gil Scot Heron at his poetic prophetic best. The revolution will not be televised but will be tweeted, facebooked and youtubed by messengers.

Dez Prez Revo Rap

Dead Prez Rap Poetry - We Need A Revolution

Up to the Mountain

Crystal Bowersox! Rocks the USA Pop Idol competition by bursting into a political song on live TV. Song based upon a Martin Luther King speech made just before he died!

Uprising by Muse

The lyric poetry and music of Muse, THE song that has been a prime mover amongst the 'Arab Spring' and global awakening

When Men Become Truly Free

When Men Become Truly Free - A Colin Ryan poem narrated by Des Brittain and set to video by SentientMind. . Please check out Des' channel

Won't Get Fooled Again

The Who and publishers have made this classic song freely available to youtubers to place in their occupy films. No lyrics displayed here, you will have to imbibe them from the song.

Des Brittain's Channel

Des is an accomplished actor, performance poet and part of the 99% Art movement

Colin Ryan's Channel

Colin's poetry has gone global via his work 'When Men become Truly Free'. This is a link to him on youtube

United We Rise

This Charlie Chaplin poetic work is from his film The Great Dictator. This version is by the Peop1e Project a 99% art organisation based in Sacramento USA

Plan is Now Phase 1

A poetic message from Anonymous set to video on the truthSeekingElf youtube channel

Wayseer Manifesto

A global message to all artists of the world by the Wayseers

Expect Us - Occupy anthem

Expect Us! Occupy Wall Street Poem by Bill Allyn

When Men Become Truly Free A spoken word by Des Brittian. A poem written by Colin Ryan. Please check out his channel
We Are The 99%

Tube poem by young Sejin Divine

Occupy Writers . Com

Links to new works by writers in support of the Occupy movement

OWS Poetry Anthology

Huffington Post article about the OWS Poetry Anthology

Occupy Art World

Twitter art group(@OccupyArtWorld) calling for a Democracy of Art. Site mostly relates to visual arts but occasionally showcase some original thought provoking poetry.

Occupy My Life

Not quite an occupy WS poem, the verse is love blossoming on the protest lines when a man in goes down on one knee to recite his marriage proposal.