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"Most people ignore poetry because most poetry ignores most people". Adrian Mitchell


Across the world and down the centuries from the ancient most times the poet has made a unique contribution to human society. The people of ancient times still remembered today are mostly kings, heroes, prophets and poets. Homer

The true poet has moments of heightened perception and a way of using language to express that holistic moment of consciousness which is often beyond the limitations of formal language. At best, the true poet is a seer, a visionary, whose perception pierces deeper into the mundane everyday reality, human psyche, culture, politics, science and religion.

The Poet's gift is to reflect, then comment upon the relationship of human consciousness to the universe. This gift is not necessarily dependent upon prevailing culture, language or even time. It is an ability making use of a mysterious other that is beyond time and space. Down the ages there have been poets who have made important contributions to human civilization. Some poets are freedom fighters, some have been called terrorists but most poets are ordinary folk who are a bit more sensitive than average. Some poets are social outsiders: but all poets are 'insiders' capable of exploring the inner realms of human psyche and of translating their discoveries into myth, heart, vision and cultural reality.

the poet Tal al-MallouhiMost poets are part time ones who have other occupations from shepherds to diplomats. Some express their art through music via lyric poetry and in others the poetry spills over into their day job. What building would you prefer to inhabit - one mainly shaped by an accountant or one by a poet ? Benj

Some poets are born, many develop their skill through effort and experience. Others are fashioned with a baptism of fire: Like red hot iron on the blacksmiths anvil of life, they are beaten and hammered by irresistible force into new shapes.

Some poets have achieved a position of notoriety and thus influence over many. Such people are part of the building blocks of our outer and inner worlds. Every country and organization has (or should have) its poets. Without them all is lesser. We should honour and respect our poets: and lend an ear to their work.