Poetry near you now


Poetry is a part of daily life though it may not always be recognised or appreciated. It may come at you from a song, an advertisement, or in the way a footballer navigates through a strong line of defence to score. Wherever you are in the world there is probably a poet or poets near you. Or maybe it is you.

The poets art is often displayed free as the flowers in a valley. In a temple, cafe, bar, pub or living room somewhere near you, poets will be meeting right now. Or there is a venue destined to happen very soon. Poetry is candlelight and it is sunshine: avoid its buzz and live and die in darkness.

There is a global plethora of poetry venues. Many people are doing it and with frequency. If you wish to join them you could try using our links page to explore the sites listed. But your best option is to Google "Poetry venue" + your location.

If you still can't find a nearby venue then perhaps its a sign that you should start one. All you need are poems, a few readers and a suitable room or street corner.

Many cafes and bars are happy to offer you an opportunity to bring them in more business. You may even be offered free use of a mic & PA. Also try charging a nominal admission fee that you could save toward prizes for your own local poetry competition