Warriors of Words

first verse


Listen; poets of the world
your words are mighty
your vision is clear
war IS war
not peace

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© Birgitta Jónsdóttir
Member (Activist) in the Icelandic Parliament for the Movement - Tibet - http://immi.is - Saving Iceland - Collateral Murder - Poet - FOIA - WikiLeaks Reykjavík · http://joyb.blogspot.com




My fatherland is like the donkey skin
That shrinks each time one has a wish
A wish of prosperity: its woods lose their trees, its seas their fish
A wish of territorial integrity: its islands and mountains were annexed by the foreigners…
I stood peacefully with my sign, protesting Beijing
The first people to come were the police
They looked at me as a scabrous dog
I fell down, they lift me up
Their punches again landing on my face.
Yet, they’re my compatriots
Sharing with me this arid land of rocks and sands
This land of thousands years of struggle and pain
To survive and to overcome…
I lied on the ground
My tears swallowed
Which dynasty like this one,
Along the 4000 years of my people’s history


© Nguyen Xuan Nghia (Hai-Phong, May 1, 2008)
Vietnamese poet Nguyen Xuan Nghia is currently serving a six year prison sentence for his pro-democracy writings and activities.
Read More - the campaign for Nguyen's freedom is supported by English Pen


The Unknown Protester

His thoughts were of the future
Under a clouding angry sky
A life measuring by potential
A budding flower about to die.

Their thought focused on money
Who gets what but don't mine the why
How fat should some cats grow
while a hungry billion cry?

Desperation took her to the streets
Spirit in her ovaries - raging wild
Her youthful intuition concerned
about the planet's unborn child.

They bathe in opulence behind a wall of guns
Pondering humanity's dire fate
While the proactive youth of the planet
protest angry at their gate.

“Threatening cycle helmet”?
Or protection for a worried head?
She's just peace-testing near State batons
not auditioning for the 'Brain damaged and dead'.

An increasing toxic burden
weighs heavy all around
While cocooned in economic reality
they talk of dollar, yen and pound.

Don't put off until tomorrow
What you can save today
Is a good advert for investing
And is what the protesters say.

Sons of Star Wars rattle sabers
behind strong backs and smile
While shaking hands with other powerful men
Who've flown a comfortable thousand mile.

The concerned of many nations
trudge idealistically from land to land
Seeking somehow, somewhere justice
Hoping exploitation will be banned.

Powerful leaders negotiate difficult agendas
Keeping rational under pressure is their job
Seeking solutions to please greedy bankers
and appease the angry growing mob.

His fuzzy, youthful, sublime spirit
With vision stretched ahead in time
Filled his veins with courage
as he charged the armoured line.

They labelled him a “Hooligan
Vile villain, Yob, anarchistic thug”
Young death tragic, but so foreseen
Clings as a blood stain on their silken rug.

Guns had fired, heads had cracked
They knew the risks but still they came
Those about to die - dispute you!
Some faces masked - but not in shame.

They can't abide a rebel with veiled face
Must clearly identify the whole human race
For they that protest and hide away
survive on the street another day.

Like the prophets we believe in better
Are with Gandhi Mandela-man in peaceful compliance
But could we as adolescent unchaining slaves
be pure Spartacus in defiance?

They label him a “Villain”
Yet the Press never caught this boy's eye
to see innocent purity, just as respectable
as any well spoken suit and tie.

His thoughts were of the future
Under a clouding angry sky
A life measured by potential
A budding flower about to die.


© George R. McKay, 2001
Composed during the G8 Summit street protests in Genoa where many of the 200,000 protesters for a more beautiful world were brutally beaten by units of the Itallian police.

"My eyes an heart bore witness to acts of unprovoked violence carried out under the auspices of state authorities. To this day most mainstream media has not relayed the truth about what really happened in Genoa, nor has justice been done. I don't expect it to ever will be done except by god and karma." G. R. McKay 2007

The bloody battle of Genoa: Guardian report

The Rights of Woman

While Europe's eye is fix'd on mighty things,

The fate of empires and the fall of kings.

While quacks of state must each produce his plan,

And even children lisp the Rights of Man:

Amid this mighty fuss just let me mention,

The Rights of women merit some attention.


Robert Burns 1792
Scottish poet 1756 - 1796

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